What Is A Toric Lens? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re curious to learn more about what a toric lens is – then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to give you a thorough breakdown on what toric lenses are, so you’ll soon understand the several advantages they have to offer. With this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

First of all, a toric lens is simply a contact lens that’s shaped in a very specific way, that’s quite different to a ‘traditionally shaped’ contact lens. In general, a toric lens will be shaped more like a ‘donut’, rather than the perfectly spherical shape of a traditional lens.

This distinctive shape changes how the lens interacts with light – often allowing it to have improved focusing and refractive properties – as well as improved horizontal and vertical orientations. This unique shape means the refractive properties of the lens can change by quite some margin, depending on which part of the lens you’re looking out from.

Ultimately, this makes the toric lens a perfect option for astigmatism – especially when the problem needs to be solved by providing an altered curvature to your cornea – because the lens will give you the power to see through a different quality of thelens from different angular planes. This avoids the problem of needing to change contact lenses for different types of visual work – which quickly becomes tiring and cumbersome.

Something else to keep in mind is that a toric lens needs to fit in a very specific way for it to work. Due to this, a variety of design strategies is used to ensure correct placement at all times. Many manufacturers tend to use a ‘ballasting’ technique, which makes the lens thicker and heavier in certain places, which helps to ensure optimal placement. There’s also the option of having the lens truncated, which simply involves cutting off a part of the lens towards the bottom.

Of course, there’s also a variety of different toric lenses to choose from. Many people choose to use disposable toric lenses for convenience, and there’s no denying how much easier it often is to rely on disposable lenses. There’s also some fun lenses to choose from, such as colored lenses which alter the appearance of your iris.

So how do you know whether to use a toric lens or not? In most cases, this will be specific to the type of problem you have with your vision, so talking to your eye doctor will be the best way to decide which lens type is best suited to you. Like all contact lenses, it’s also wise to consider your lifestyle, and when you’ll be most in need of improved vision – because this may go a long way towards determining the best type of contact lens for you to wear.


Overall, it’s safe to say the technology of toric contact lenses are a real benefit to many people who suffer from particular types of astigmatism, and they save many users from the inconvenience of having to switch their lenses for different visual tasks. However, if you’re unsure of whether you need toric lenses, it’s best to consult your eye doctor, because they will know what’s most suitable for you.

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