Tips On How To Avoid Eye Infections If You Wear Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, chances are you have, at a point in time, slept with them still on. You are not alone. According to CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one million Americans visit an optician because of contact lens-related eye infections every year. Often, eye infections are brought about by fungal, viral or bacterial agents that, if left untreated, could lead to eye irritation, hampered vision, and redness. While contact lenses are a major contributor to eye infections, they are not the only cause of eye infections. But since you, like most people, use these lenses to correct sight problems, it is important that you understand how to use them the right way to lower chances of contracting eye infections.

People who wear contact lens are more prone to develop eye infections since lenses decrease the amount of oxygen reaching the cornea. If not properly cleaned, replaced from time to time, or if one sleeps with them on, these lenses could end up having bacterial build up, and which could prove harmful to the eye. As such, proper use and lens hygiene is advised if you wear contact lenses on a daily basis.

How To Prevent Contracting Eye Infections From Contacts

As a contact lenses user, it is important to understand that these lenses are not fashion accessories but medical devices. As such, it is important that they are cleaned, stored and handled correctly. When it comes to preventing eye infections, the first line of defense is ensuring that you maintain proper eye and face hygiene. Before touching your eye, it is advisable that you always wash your hands with warm water and some soap. Also, you should consider cleaning the eye area often by placing a clean washcloth over your eyes before gently rubbing the area.

Since lenses are placed within the eye, it is crucial that you put more focus on ensuring that they are clean. Health experts recommend that you soak your contacts in a hydrogen peroxide solution for at least 10 minutes to ensure that any viruses or bacteria on the lenses is wiped away. Here are other contact lens care tips to take up if you want to avoid developing eye infections:

Clean and Change Your Contacts Often

Always rinse your lenses with quality products and ensure that you follow the recommended solution soaking times. Also, try to clean your contacts case often and replace it as often as possible. Never, under any circumstances, use tap water to clean your lenses.

Do Not Lick and Stick

Contacts drying out is a common occurrence but never lick your lenses before wearing them as bacteria could easily latch on to them and into the eye. If your lens dries out, use the provided solution to soften them.

Avoid Sleeping with Your Contacts In

Sleeping with contact lenses in will lead to your eyes drying out. While most contact users wish they could sleep with their lenses in place, this is not advisable as having them on during the night hampers the supply of oxygen to your eyes. If you consistently leave them on through the night, you put yourself at risk of contracting eye infections, eye swelling, and in worst case scenarios, the development of blood vessels in the cornea.

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