Fred’s Eye Clinic in Mexico:

We went to Mexico, in the state of Nayarit, the city of, Amatlan de Canas.

We arrive in Guadalajara Mexico on January 2, 2016, and were picked up by a taxi sent by the Becerra family. The trip was a four-hour up hill trip through green covered mountains and sugar cane fields. This will be our third trip to Amatlan de Canas.

On Monday, the pharmacist/doctor allowed us to set up the clinic in front of his pharmacy, which is located directly in front of the plaza. On Monday we saw 225 patients, and on Tuesday, we saw 223 patients. My wife Lena, and five member of the Becerra family assisted us the two days we worked.

Amatlan de Canas is the home of the Becerra’s family, they are seven siblings with five of them living in central California, and two still living in Amatlan de Canas. The Becerra family also helped dispense 523 pairs of
sun glasses.

We do not carry bifocal glasses, so for patients that needed we dispensed two pairs of glasses one for distance and one for reading.

We had a very successful and rewarding trip. Elba Becerra and her family hosted us in their home, and we dined on the best and unbelievable home-cooked meals in Mexico.

Other families in the community invited us to their home to dine and we truly enjoy each delicious home cooked meal as well as their gracious hospitality.

Our many thanks to the community of Amatlan de Canas, and the Becerra for allowing us to continue our quest to do good for those in need, and for welcoming us into their town and into their homes.

Dr. Fred Stellhorn

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